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Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition Rules

Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition still comes with a pair of dice.
isolated dice image by Nikolay Okhitin from Fotolia.com

Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition is an updated version of the classic Parker Brothers game Monopoly. In this version of the game, all the properties have been updated with current hot spots such as Disney Land making an appearance. While many of the rules remain the same, the newest aspect of the game is the Credit Card. This credit card actually works more like a debit card in the way it holds money and prevents players from cheating.

The Banker

As in older versions, one person must be chosen to be the banker. However, instead of being dealt physical "Monopoly money," each player is given a card. Whenever money needs to be given or spent the banker uses the "Banker Unit" to add or subtract money from the card. The banker is still responsible for auctions, title deed cards, and houses and hotels. The banker can still be a player in the game.

Rolling the Dice and Landing on a Space

If you roll doubles with the dice you can take your turn as normal and roll again. However, if you roll three doubles in your turn you go to jail. Landing on a space will force you to either get the banker to auction the property, pay rent, pay taxes, draw the "Community Chest" or "Chance" card or go to jail. You can put the property up for auction if you land on the space and you do not want to buy it.

Building Houses and Hotels

You can only build houses and hotels on a property if you own all the property of that color group. You must build an equal number of houses on all the properties. Therefore you cannot build a second house on a property until the other properties have one. Hotels can be built only when four houses are on a property. You exchange the four houses for the hotel and you can only have one hotel per property.


The game is ended when only one person is left standing and the others have gone bankrupt and lost all of their money. To avoid this players are able to sell their hotels, houses, and property to the bank. At no time are players allowed to give each other money, but players are allowed to trade property instead of paying in cash if that is acceptable to the parties involved.

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