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Triopoly Game Directions

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This "Monopoly"-style board game allows players to build property empires on three levels. Published in 2007 by Reveal Entertainment, it’s set up for two to eight players ages 10 and older. Players try to increase their wealth by buying gas stations, shopping malls and skyscrapers on different streets, avenues and thoroughfares in 15 major U.S. cities. The game can be altered for shorter play by using only the first, or the first and second, tiers.

Game set up and ending

Unfold the game boards and place the largest down first. Put the second-smallest board inside the largest board, matching the corners marked “elevator," and the smallest board inside the medium one.

Give each player $3,500 in the form of two $1,000 bills, two $500 bills, three $100 bills, two $50 bills, three $20 bills, three $10 bills and two $5 bills.

Separate out the deed cards. The first-tier property deeds have a marble textured back, the second-tier ones have a water design back and the top-tier deeds have a sky design back.

Begin play by rolling two dice and moving your piece to the appropriate square.

The game is over when all but one player have gone bankrupt. If playing with a time limit, the player with the most money when time expires wins.

Property, Stock Market and Travel squares

Land on a property and buy it, if it’s for sale, or pay a lease fee if it’s owned. Distribute deed cards as properties are purchased.

Improve lease values on purchased properties by adding facilities: gas stations, shopping malls and skyscrapers. The cost for each is on the deed card. Players build facilities before rolling the dice.

Build gas stations on any property that has no other facilities. Add shopping malls and skyscrapers only if the player owns all the properties in a city. If a property has a gas station, it must be leveled before malls or skyscrapers can be built there.

Draw a Stock Market card when you land on the Stock Market square. These cards specify gains or losses for players as well as additional moves and options. If the player must roll the dice to determine a gain or loss to his wealth, even-numbered rolls indicate gains and odd-numbered rolls indicate losses.

Draw a Travel card when you land on the Travel square. These cards transport players to specific properties. Once there, the player can either buy the property or pay the lease fee if it’s already owned.

Other Squares

Request a salary when you land or pass by the Pay Day space. Players on the bottom tier receive a salary of $300, on the second tier a salary of $250 and on the top tier, $200.

Use the elevator squares to move between levels. The only two ways to travel among the three tiers is via the elevator squares or Travel cards.

Try to avoid the Rental Car corners on the middle or top tiers; if you land on them, you get sent to the Rental Car Line on the bottom tier. A player can get off this square by rolling doubles or passing the next two turns.

Gamble money on the Las Vegas and Atlantic City squares. The player decides how much to bet and whether to wager 10 times the number on the dice or 100 times the number on the dice. An even roll means a gain and an odd roll means a loss. Each player must gamble at least once and no more than three times.

Pay $100 to the lottery fund when you land on the Shopping Spree square. Collect the lottery funds if you land on the Lottery square on the lower level. The lottery fund also collects all losses from the Stock Market and the Shopping Spree spaces.

Things You'll Need:

  • "Triopoly" game boards (set of three)
  • 2 dice
  • 8 game tokens
  • 16 Gas Station pieces
  • 22 Shopping Mall pieces
  • 22 Skyscraper pieces
  • Travel card deck
  • Stock Market card deck
  • Deed card deck


Rolling doubles allows a player to take an additional turn. There is no limit to how many times in a row the player can take turns.

When playing the two-tier version, remove all the third-level travel cards and deeds from the decks, omit the top tier of the game board, and start players with $3,000.

If playing the one-tier version, remove all travel cards from the board (the Travel space becomes a "roll again" space), remove all third- and second-level deeds from the deck, and start players with $1,500.


  • Playing a Travel card doesn’t entitle a player to collect the Pay Day salary.
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