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Monopoly: the Disney Edition Instructions

Monopoly Disney edition is a family-friendly board game made by Parker Brothers. This game is based on the Monopoly format, as stated in the manufacturer's instructions, and features Disney themed money, playing pieces and castles. It is designed for ages 8 and up, and you must have a minimum of two players to play this game.

Ensure that you have all the pieces for the Monopoly Disney game. This includes a Disney edition Monopoly game board, 28 title deed cards, 16 Show Time cards, 16 Magic Moments cards, 32 cottages, 12 castles, six Disney themed movers, one golden Tinkerbell, one pack of Disney edition Monopoly money and two dice.

Unfold the game board and lay it flat. Take turns choosing a Disney mover and place it at "Go." Shuffle the deck of Show Time cards and the deck of Magic Moments cards and place them face-down on the indicated spot of the game board. Place all extra pieces out of the way.

Choose who will be the banker and have him separate the money into separate stacks, placing all like money together. The banker gives each player five $1 bills, one $5 bill, one $10 bill, four $20 bills, two $50 bills, two $100 bills and one $500 bill. Take turns rolling the dice; the player with the highest number goes first and then play continues clockwise.

Take turns rolling the dice. If you roll a double, take your turn as normal and then roll again. If you roll three doubles in one turn you go directly to "Jail." Move your Disney character the indicated number of spaces clockwise, then follow the instructions on that space.

Decide if you want to buy an unowned property when you land on its space. If so, pay the banker the price as stated on the space. The banker gives you the matching Title Deed card as proof of ownership. Place the card face-up in front of the space; you can now charge rent for anyone who lands on this space. If you decide not to purchase the property, the banker holds an auction and starts the asking price at $1. All players can join in the auction, including the banker and the player who originally decided not to buy the property. The property goes to the highest bidder.

Pay rent when you land on a space owned by another player. Pay the player the amount indicated on the Title Deed card once she asks for rent -- the owner must ask for the rent before the next player rolls the dice to collect the money. Do not pay rent if the property is under mortgage. Players who own a whole color group can charge double the indicated rent for sites of the same color.

Collect rent, build sites and perform transactions as normal if you land on "Free Parking" or "Just Visiting" in jail. There is no penalty for landing here.

Take the top card on the corresponding pile when you land on a "Magic Moments" or "Show Times" space. Follow the instructions on the card, then place the card face-down at the bottom of the deck. Move to another space in the direction of the arrow if indicated to do so on the card. Collect $200 if you pass "Go" on your way. If you draw a Get out of Jail Free card you can either hold onto it for later or sell it to another player for an agreed amount of money.

Go directly to "Jail" if you land on a space as indicated, draw a "Magic Moments" or "Show Time" card for it, or roll doubles three times in a row on your turn. Your turn now ends and you do not collect $200 if you pass "Go." Continue to collect rent on your properties while in jail. Get out of jail on your next turn by paying the $50 fine, rolling a double or using a Get out of Jail Free card. Pay the $50 fine if you haven't rolled a double by your third turn; move the indicated number of spaces on that roll.

Buy or auction unowned "Special Powers" spaces when you land on these Disney edition utilities the same way as other properties. If you land on an owned "Special Powers" space, pay the owner of the utility the rent due. If the player owns one utility, the rent will be four times your dice roll; if the player owns both utilities, you must pay 10 times the amount of your dice roll.

Buy and auction unowned "Modes of Transport" spaces the same way as other properties. If you land on an owned "Modes of Transport" space, pay the amount stated on the owner's Title Deed card.

Build cottages and castles. When you own all spaces of a specific color group you can buy cottages -- Disney edition houses -- to put on the spaces. You can buy a cottage on your turn or in between other players’ turns, but you must build evenly -- you cannot build a second cottage on a space until you have built a cottage on every space in that group, and you cannot buy cottages if any space is mortgaged. Own four cottages on each space of the same color group and you can buy castles -- Disney edition hotels -- to put on the spaces. Pay the banker the amount on the Title Deed card and exchange the four cottages for a castle; you can only put one castle on a space. Charge players who land on these spaces the amount shown for cottages or castles on the Title Deed card.

Mortgage or sell your property to pay off your creditors if you run out of money. Players are not allowed to borrow money from, or lend money to, another player. Players can decide to accept property instead of the money owed to them. Raise money by selling buildings, special powers or modes of transport to other players, or by mortgaging properties to the bank.

Mortgage your property to pay debts. Sell any buildings you have, then turn the Title Deed card face-down; collect the mortgage amount shown on the back of the card from the banker. Keep your mortgaged property until you can pay it off. Other players are not allowed to pay off your mortgage, and you cannot collect rent on the mortgaged property. Pay the banker the original mortgage, plus an additional 10 percent interest to repay your mortgage. Turn the Title Deed card face-up and resume collecting rent for it.

Sell mortgaged property to another player for an agreed price to pay off debts. The buyer can then either pay off the mortgage with interest, or can just pay the interest to hold the mortgage; the buyer can then pay off the mortgage at a later time.

Sell your property, undeveloped spaces, transports and utilities to other players for an agreed price. Do not sell a space if there are any buildings on any of the spaces in that color group; you must first sell all the buildings on those spaces to the banker. Sell cottages and castles to the banker at half of their original purchase price stated on the Title Deed card. Sell your castle for half of its cost to the banker and receive four cottages. Sell your properties on your turn or in between other players’ turns.

Return your Title Deed cards to the banker if you owe the bank. The Banker then auctions off each property to the highest bidder. Return any Get out of Jail Free cards to the bottom of the deck. If you owe another player that player receives any money you have left, your Title Deed cards and any Get out of Jail Free cards you own.

End your part of the game. If you cannot raise enough money to pay rent, tax or a bill, you are declared bankrupt and you are out of the game.

Continue playing the game until only one player is left. The last player wins the game.


Try playing with the special edition Tinker Bell. Set up the Monopoly Disney edition as normal, but place Tinker Bell on the "Go" space. Move Tinker Bell forward one space whenever a player rolls a double; skip over any tax, "Show Time," "Magic Moments," "Jail," or "Free Parking" spaces. Land on a space that is owned by another player, plus has Tinker Bell on it, and the bank will pay the rent for you. Land on a space that is not owned by another player, plus has Tinker Bell on it, and you get the property for free. If the banker has no cottages left, you must wait for other players to return theirs before you can buy any. If a limited number of cottages or castles are left, and two or more players wish to buy more than the banker has, the banker must hold an auction and give them to the highest bidder.

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