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Instructions for "Star Wars Monopoly"

"Star Wars Monopoly" has the same objectives and goals as the classic version. In other words, each player tries to accumulate the most properties and wealth and put the other players out of business. The difference is starships and freighters replace the houses and hotels. There are two sets of properties. One represents the Rebels (light side of the force), and the other represents the Empire (the dark side). Also, Imperial credits replace the traditional money.

Getting Started

Place the game board on a table with plenty of space. Place Imperial and Rebel cards on the board where marked.

Hand 1,500 Imperial credits to each player. Everyone gets two $500, $100 and $50 bills, six $20 bills, and five $10, $5 and $1 bills.

Choose a banker to be responsible for the money and property cards throughout the game.

Game Play

Place the game pieces chosen by each player on the "go" space.

Roll both dice. The player with the highest total goes first. The first player rolls again and moves the playing piece to the left according to the number of spaces on the dice.

Follow the direction on each space. The player can buy a property, pay rent or penalties, draw an imperial or rebel card, or be sent to the jail space.

Roll again and move the number of spaces on the dice if the player rolled two of the same number. Repeat this step until she doesn't roll doubles. However, if doubles are rolled three times in a row, the player must go to the jail space for the rest of the turn. When the first player is out of moves, the player to her left takes her turn.

Reward 200 Imperial credits to a player that passes or lands on the "go" space.

Buying Properties

Buy an unclaimed property or choose to wait. If you choose to buy, pay the banker the amount listed on the space and get the title deed card. Receive rent from other players who land on the property.

Put the property up for auction, with the banker in charge, if the player says no to buying it. Each player, including the player who did not want the property, can bid. Bidding can start at any price. The highest bidder wins and pays the banker.

Buy a fighter from the banker when you have all properties in a color group. When you have four fighters, buy a freighter or destroyer, which collects even more rent. Players are restricted to just one freighter/destroyer on each property.

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