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How to Sell Jade

Jade can be carved with intricate details.
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Selling jade has become increasingly profitable in recent years as jade prices have increased dramatically. Jade is a gemstone that has been used since prehistoric times for weapons, artifacts and jewelry. Before selling your jade pieces, it is best to have them appraised so you know what they are worth. Jade comes in two forms: jadeite or as nephrite. Jadeite is rarer and more valuable.

Take your jade jewelry or carvings to a jeweler or antique dealer who specializes in jade to have the pieces appraised. The price will vary depending on the quality of the jade. Type A jade is the most expensive because it's natural and untreated, having undergone only the traditional process of a plum juice washing and a beeswax polishing. Type B jade has often been bleached and impregnated with polymer. This treatment can cause the jade to become discolored over time. Type C jade is chemically bleached, and its color is enhanced with dye.

Ask the appraiser for a written copy of the appraisal. This will help assure potential buyers that your jade pieces are worth the prices you are asking.

Decide on prices for your jade pieces based on the appraisals you received. Check online retailers and auction sites for the current going rates of various jade pieces.

Decide where to sell your jade. Jewelry and antique stores may be interested in selling your pieces on consignment. If the jade is old or of high quality, international auction houses may be interested in your items, since jade has been selling for extremely high prices in China during recent years. If your items are of lower quality, try selling them at flea markets or through classified ads in newspapers or online.

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