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How to Sell Noritake China

Many older dinnerware patterns use delicate floral designs.
china set image by Goran Petak from Fotolia.com

The Noritake Company began exporting western style china in 1914, eventually exporting products to over 100 countries, according to the “History of Noritake” at NoritakeChina.com. The Noritake Company continues making elegant and casual dinnerware, but early and vintage pieces are favored among collectors. The company has discontinued hundreds of patterns, making them collectible. Collectors look for pieces to replace missing or damaged pieces in their own collections. Other collectors look for Noritake China to resell for profit. Collectible china sells in sets or by the piece.

Research and compare resale prices for Noritake china before shopping for items to sell. Search the Internet and invest in a good collectibles book on Noritake dinnerware to learn more about the product and selling prices. If you overpay for your items to resell, you may not be able to make any profit.

Look for Noritake china in yard sales and at flea markets. Secondhand and collectible shops generally carry collectible dinnerware. Watch for auctions and estate sales as well. Auctioneers list items for sale in their auctions on flyers and in local newspapers for the public to view.

Check your china to make sure the pieces are sellable. Buyers do not want china with cracks, breaks or chips. Damaged items bring lower prices and may not sell at all. Unless a piece is extremely hard to find and exceptional, pass by damaged items when you look for items to resell.

Examine the back of Noritake dishes for the company’s name, the dish pattern name, and the identification number. There is generally a “Noritake Japan” stamp on the back of dishes with this information.

Take good pictures of the front and back of the dish, allowing the buyer to see the item you are selling. Describe the item as much as possible, stating the color, type of dish, size, pattern name and number, and the condition of the item for sale.

Sell Noritake and other collectible pieces on high traffic auction sites, at your own yard sale, or in a consignment shop. Another option is to open your own web store. If you open your own online store, you should push traffic to your site and not wait for customers to find you. Link other sites back to your site, use your social networking sites to link to your store or items, and use descriptive words and search engine optimization to drive traffic to your site.

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