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How to Get Recyclable Rue Batteries in "MapleStory"

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In "MapleStory," the Recyclable Rue Battery is necessary to complete the "Recycling is Important" quest. Edelstein's streetsweeper, Brighton, asks you to collect the batteries to help alleviate Edelstein's power shortage. You must be at least Level 18 and one of Edelstein's related job classes to complete the quest.

Speak to Brighton

Speak to Brighton to begin the quest. Brighton is located near the church on the main street of Edelstein. He asks you to bring him a Recyclable Rue Battery from the children of Edelstein.

Find the Children

Walk right until you see Checky Mascot near the clock tower. He has a group of children around him at all times. Speak to each child until one gives you the Recyclable Rue Battery.

Return to Brighton

Return to Brighton and speak to him to complete the quest. You receive 644 experience and 1 Fame for your trouble.

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