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How to Beat Level 9 on "Portal"

"Portal" is a first-person puzzle game developed by Valve in which you are challenged to navigate through a series of test chambers using a highly experimental portal gun. By firing the gun at various surfaces, you can create two separate portals that are distinguished by the colors orange and blue. When both portals are opened, you can warp between the two different locations by entering either end. In order to complete Level 9, you need to transport a weighted storage cube to the next room without passing through an incandescent particle field.

Shoot a blue portal at a nearby wall at ground level. The wall behind the weighted storage cube dispenser is a good position.

Pick up a weighted storage cube.

Walk through the blue portal with the weighted storage cube to pass through the orange portal and on to the raised platform.

Drop the weighted storage cube, and shoot a blue portal into the next room by aiming through the small hole above the incandescent particle field.

Pick up the weighted storage cube, and walk through the orange portal to warp into the next room.

Place the weighted storage cube on the red floor switch to open the exit door. Leave the chamber.


Each level has a number of solutions. Try experimenting with the portal gun to find the quickest and most effective method.

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