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'Escape the Car' Cheats

Escape in
rust and light image by John Sfondilias from Fotolia.com

"Escape the Car" is the first in a series of escape games made by game developer Afro-Ninja Productions. When the game begins, you are trapped inside a vehicle whose windows are barred and whose doors cannot be unlocked. To escape, you must find items hidden throughout the vehicle and figure out how to use them.


A flashlight is located in the console between the two front seats. You'll find a screwdriver sitting on the back seat on the left side. On the floor behind the driver's seat, beneath the mat, you'll find a utility knife. On the ceiling in the back of the car is a wiring guide that must be removed with the utility knife. Open the console in the back seat area, then remove the cap from the cigarette lighter to find a key; use the key to unlock the glove compartment. In the glove box, you'll find batteries and electrical tape; use the batteries with the flashlight.

Powering the Car

The wiring guide explains that, in the event of power loss, you can access wires in the steering column and connect them manually. The screws beneath the steering wheel must be removed with a screwdriver, then connect the red, blue, gray and green wires by clicking on them. The connections must be secured with electrical tape. The pink, white and yellow wires should not be connected.

Completing the Escape

Examine the dashboard on the car. The "E" on the fuel gauge is circled, and the speedometer is frozen at 40 mph. Return to the back seat and use the utility knife to cut the straps on the small center seat, then remove the seat to reveal a keypad. Type in "E40" and press the "Enter" key to access the trunk. With batteries in the flashlight, you'll be able to view the area. Use the flashlight to break the cracked light on your left, earning a car key. Placed the key in the ignition, and the car powers on; operate the trunk release beneath the steering wheel. Climb out through the trunk and escape from the car.

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