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How to Remove Chinese Scooter Alarms

Many Chinese-made scooters come with alarms installed, but they are often too sensitive for most people's tastes and can prematurely drain the battery. The alarms are wired into the battery but can be removed with a set of tools and some wire clippers. Because you are dealing with electricity, you will need to unhook the battery before you remove the alarm, then cover any exposed wires with electrical tape before putting the scooter back together.

Remove the seat of your scooter to access the battery. The battery should be toward the front and center of the engine and have clearly marked positive and negative nodes. There should also be a red clip next to the battery that connects the battery to the wiring of the scooter. Use the pliers to pull the red piece up. This will disconnect the battery.

Remove the front panel of your scooter to expose the alarm box. You might need to use the socket wrench and screwdriver to remove other panels around it before you can pull the front piece off. It should have two wires connecting it to the scooter. If it has a remote function, it will also have an antennae piece that does not connect to anything. The alarm will be labeled as a security system or an alarm.

Cut the wires that connect the alarm to the the scooter and remove the alarm. The alarm might need to be unscrewed or unbolted to get it off the scooter.

Tape the exposed ends of the wire with electrical tape to prevent short circuits and battery draining. Make sure you wrap the end entirely, leaving no metal exposed.

Plug the battery back into the engine and start up the scooter. Make sure there is no burning smell coming from the wires where you cut. Replace the body panels in the reverse order that you removed them, making sure they are secure.

Things You'll Need:

  • Socket wrench set
  • Screw Driver
  • Large pliars
  • Wire cutters
  • Electrical tape


  • Working with electricity is dangerous. Use caution around the battery and never touch or cut wires with the battery connected.
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