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How to Remove a PSP Battery

The PSP is a portable videogame system developed by Sony. It allows users to play games, music, videos and even use the Internet. If the battery becomes damaged then you may have to remove it. This is a simple process.

Turn off your PSP system by holding the "Power" button for a few seconds. Remove any cables from the system and place it on a flat surface. These are safety precautions that must be followed when removing the system's batteries.

Turn the PSP system over to its back side. You should see four screws on the main plate and two screws on top of the system. Loosen the screws and remove them using a Phillips screwdriver.

Remove the casing from the back and top of the system.

Lift the battery to remove it from its slot. You will also have to remove the warranty seal from the underside of the battery.


  • Removing the battery may void the warranty of your PSP.
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