How to Fix a PS3 With a Blue Light

Force ejecting the PS3 disc will fix the blue light error.

Sony's PlayStation 3 game system has a light on the front of the console that changes color to let the user know the system's status. The three most commonly seen colors are red, which indicates the system is off; green, which indicates the system is on; and blue, which indicates the system has a disc in the disc slot. While a solid blue light may be a common light to see on your PS3 system, a flashing blue light indicates a disc loading problem that must be addressed.

PS3 Fat

Flip the switch on the back of the PS3 system to the "Off" position. Now, there should not be any lights lit up on the front of the system.

Press and hold the touch-sensitive "Eject" button on the front of the PS3 system.

Flip the switch on the back of the PS3 system to the "On" position while holding the "Eject" button. As the PS3 powers on, it will force eject the disc.

PS3 Slim

Disconnect all of the cables from the back of the PS3 system and flip the system over so that you have access to the system's underside.

Lift and remove the screw cover located on the bottom edge of the system's underside.

Insert the Phillips-head screwdriver into the smaller of the two screw holes.

Turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to force eject the disc. Once the disc is fully ejected, replace the screw cover and plug the cables back into the PS3 system.

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