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Warnings to Know That Your PS3 Is Broken

The PlayStation 3 utilizes an error code system to help diagnose problems.
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The Sony PlayStation 3 is an incredibly complex device that plays Blu-ray discs, DVDs and audio CDs. The console also supports digital content that is stored on its hard drive or streamed directly from the Internet. Because the PlayStation 3 has such a wide array of features, it contains a number of internal components that can fail, rendering it inoperable. However, the PlayStation 3 utilizes an error code system to help diagnose problems.

On-Screen Error Codes

If the PlayStation 3 console encounters an error during operation, it displays an error code on its screen. This error code contains both numbers and letters and is always eight characters long. The official PlayStation support website has a search function that lists the meanings of all of the error codes. When entering an error code into the PlayStation support website, be sure to enter it exactly as it appears on your screen. If the error code displayed on your screen contains "0x" as the first two characters, omit these characters when entering the error code.

LED Error Codes

The front of the PlayStation 3 console has two LED lights. The light on the left signifies the current disc status, and the light on the right indicates the current power status. If the PlayStation 3 is experiencing an issue that prevents it from displaying an error message on its screen, it will display a particular LED pattern. If the power status light blinks red, the console has probably overheated and will return to normal once it cools down. If the power status light flashes yellow and then changes to blinking red, you need to send your PlayStation 3 console to a certified repair center for further inspection.

Discs Will Not Load

If you insert a game or movie disc into the PlayStation 3 but the disc does not appear in the Cross Media Bar (XMB), there may be a problem with the laser or the disc drive motor. If the PlayStation 3 will play other discs successfully, the problem may be a scratched or damaged disc. If your console will not play any discs and no error codes are displayed on the screen, contact PlayStation support for further troubleshooting.

Games Freezing or Crashing

If your system frequently freezes or crashes but no error codes display, your PlayStation 3 console may be on the verge of a complete malfunction. Contact PlayStation support as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your console. If the freezing or crashing occurs with only one game in particular, the problem is most likely related to the game in question and not the console itself.

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