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How to Troubleshoot a Logitech PS2 Controller

Considering the abuse a controller must endure during an average gaming session, it goes without saying that at some point you may need to troubleshoot the device. If you notice your Logitech-brand PlayStation 2 controllers are malfunctioning, try some simple troubleshooting techniques before calling it quits and giving in to expensive repairs or a replacement controller.

Things You'll Need:

  • Batteries
  • Logitech Ps2 Controller
  • Playstation 2
  • Logitech Wireless Receiver

Check the controller's batteries. Dead or dying batteries could cause the controller to malfunction. The battery port on the controller is located on the side opposite the buttons and analog stick. Remove the cover, take out the old ones, and replace them with fresh, new batteries of the appropriate type. Wired controllers do not require batteries.

Remove and reinsert the wireless receiver from the controller port on the console. If using a wired controller, simply disconnect the controller from the console and reinsert it into the first controller port.

Lay the controller flat on the ground with the buttons and analog sticks facing upward. Make sure nothing is touching the controller and power on your PlayStation 2.

Re-sync your controller to your PlayStation 2. As long as the wireless receiver is connected to the console's controller port and the system is on, all you need to do is press any button on the controller. The light on the wireless receiver will stop blinking after a connection is established. You do not need to do this if using a wired controller.

Check the controller's analog functionality. Power on your PlayStation 2 with the disc tray open to access the home menu. Then press the "Mode" button on the controller. This will toggle the LED on the controller on and off. When lit, the controller is in analog mode. Certain games require you to be in analog mode, so the light stays on no matter what you do. Other games don't support analog mode. That's why this must be done from the PlayStation 2 home menu.


Logitech wireless PlayStation 2 controllers will fall into a "sleep mode" after several minutes of inactivity. To wake up your controller, press any button on the device to get it working again.


  • You need a wireless receiver for each wireless Logitech controller connected to the console. It's impossible to connect multiple controllers to a single receiver.
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