I Cannot Get HDMI to Work on a PS3 on My Sanyo TV

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High-Definition Media Input (HDMI) is the industry-standard for displaying video in high definition when using your Sanyo HDTV and a HD-capable device such as a PlayStation 3. A high-speed HDMI cable is recommended when connecting a video game system to a HDTV. Consider several issues when troubleshooting HDMI display problems with a PlayStation 3 on your Sanyo HDTV.

Check the HDMI Connection

Locate the HDMI output on the PlayStation 3 and the HDMI input on the back or side of your Sanyo HDTV. Press the HDMI wire firmly into each connection. Select the HDMI input option with the Sanyo TV remote. The connection name will be located above the HDMI port on the TV. Turn on the PlayStation 3 to test the display.

Try Another Device

If the HDMI cable appears to be firmly secured into both the PlayStation 3 and your Sanyo TV, try connecting another HDMI device, such as a cable box or camcorder, into the same port with the same cable. If it also doesn't work, the port on your television may be damaged and require service. If the device does works on the same port, the output settings on your PlayStation 3 need to be reset.

PlayStation 3 Automatic Settings

To restart the video output on the PlayStation 3, turn on the TV and select the HDMI input that you've connected to the PlayStation. Press and hold the “Power” button on the PlayStation 3 console until it beeps twice. Press the “Power” button one additional time to power the console on. The PlayStation 3 selects “automatic” mode and scans for any active video connections. If the PlayStation 3 still doesn't display with the HDMI cable, then you need to manually set it for HDMI output.

Manually Set the PlayStation 3

To manually set the PlayStation 3's video output to HDMI, connect both the unit's HDMI connection and component video connection to the Sanyo TV. The component video cable comes packaged with all PlayStation 3 consoles. Set the TV to the component input with the Sanyo TV remote. Navigate the Xmedia bar on the PlayStation 3 using the dual shock controller and select the “Settings” menu. Scroll down to “Video Output Settings” and select “HDMI.” Once selected, the screen will go black. Change the media input on your Sanyo TV using the Sanyo remote and select “HDMI. Press “X” on the Dual Shock Controller to confirm your selection. Disconnect the component video cables and the PlayStation 3 should work with your Sanyo TV in HDMI mode.


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