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PS3 Remote Problems

remote control image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.com

The PS3 remote control lets users easily navigate the PlayStation 3 home screen and Xcross Media Bar. The PS3 remote controls media better than the PS3 controller, with its capability to rewind, fast forward, pause and play with marked buttons. The PS3 remote relies on Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity. With the PS3 remote, you can access all Blu-ray compatible features for movies. Sometimes the remote may not work properly or at all, requiring some troubleshooting.

Connecting the Remote

On occasion, you may not be able to use the PS3 remote to connect with the PS3. To connect the remote properly, first make sure the batteries are inserted properly into the remote control.

Next, turn on the PS3 and access the home screen. With the PS3 controller, select "Settings." A drop-down menu will appear. Select "Accessory Settings" and choose the option "BD Control." Follow the onscreen instructions to sync or pair the remote control with the PS3. When syncing the remote, hold down the "PS" button so the PS3 will recognize the Bluetooth signal. After the PS3 recognizes the signal, your remote should be connected and work properly.

Remote Nonresponsive

Sometimes the remote may be unresponsive when you try syncing it with the PS3. The PS3 will not recognize the Bluetooth signal, and you will be unable to connect the remote. The first solution is to check that the batteries in the remote are inserted properly. If they are, you then resynchronize the remote to the PS3. If it is still not working, check to make sure that no other Bluetooth devices are turned on in the area. Multiple Bluetooth devices can disrupt the signal of the remote trying to connect to the PS3. After turning off any other Bluetooth devices, attempt to resynchronize. If this doesn't work, an internal hardware problem may exist within the PS3 or remote control.

Buttons Not Working

Buttons on the remote control may become unresponsive or delayed in action when pressing them. The issue here could be that your batteries are running low. Replace the current batteries with brand new ones and see if this issue still persists. If it does, dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and clean the areas around the buttons on the remote. This will collect any dust or particles around the remote that could be causing this issue. After cleaning with rubbing alcohol, the PS3 remote buttons should be responsive again.

PS3 Remote Disconnects

If the PS3 remote disconnects after turning the PS3 off, you have to sync the remote with the PS3 every time you turn the gaming system back on. This can be annoying because the syncing process takes a few minutes. You can solve this issue simply by updating the PS3's firmware. The firmware update will load new software onto the PS3 that will correct this issue.

Update Firmware

Update the PS3 firmware in one of two ways. The first way is to update the firmware via Internet download through the PS3. Do this by connecting the PS3 to the Internet. The PS3 will automatically recognize that an update for firmware needs to be downloaded.

The second option is to download the update from the Internet with a computer, and then use a USB memory drive to transfer it to the PS3. The firmware updates are available for download at PlayStation.com in the PS3 section. Once downloaded, drag and drop the downloaded file into the USB memory drive and insert it into the PS3. Select the file from the USB drive from the PS3 home screen. Now copy the file to the PS3, and it should upload the new firmware. Any issues before with having to resynchronize the remote should be solved.

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