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How to Reset a GameCube Controller

The Nintendo GameCube, much like other sixth-generation home gaming consoles, makes use of a controller with one or more joysticks, or control sticks. If these controllers are improperly plugged into gaming consoles, gamers may experience problems with their control sticks, which can only be resolved by resetting the controller. If you notice that your character keeps moving while you are not touching your controller, you can reset your controller easily.

Press and hold the "X" and "Y" buttons on your controller. Ensure that you are not touching any of the control sticks on the controller and that all control sticks are in the center position.

Press and hold the "Start" button, along with the other buttons you are already holding. Do this for three seconds, and then release all buttons.

Test the controller by moving all of the control sticks on the controller to ensure that they work properly.

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