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The PSP Green Power Flashes But It Won't Start

Follow a few troubleshooting tips to get your PSP powered up and working again.
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The Sony PSP, or PlayStation Portable, was introduced in 2004 to compete with the Nintendo DS. Sales were better than critics predicted, with an estimated 62 million PSPs sold as of 2010. If your PSP will not start up as usual, you may be able fix it by following a few simple trouleshooting tips.

Plug in your PSP's power adapter to ensure that your PSP's battery is fully charged. During normal use a flashing green light indicates that the battery level is low. The power indicator light will turn orange while the battery is charging and will turn off when the charging is complete.

Press the "Display" button at the top of the unit to ensure that the screen's brightness setting is not the cause of the darkened screen.

Slide the "Power/Hold" switch up to make sure the PSP is not in "hold" mode.

Reset your PSP. To do this, remove the battery and wait 10 seconds before replacing it. Press and hold the two clear "L" and "R" buttons on the top corners of the unit while the system reboots into "Recovery" mode. Locate and highlight the "recovery" folder, then press "X" to reinstall the files.


Your PSP will not charge via a connection to a USB device when in game mode or when the USB device is not powered on.

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