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How to Charge a PSP 3001 Without a Charger

Sony's PlayStation Portable combines a video game system with a media player and web browser to create an all-in-one handheld entertainment system. The built-in rechargeable battery runs the system without a power cord for several hours, after which it must recharge. If you've lost your charger or don't have it with you, the PSP will also charge over a generic USB cord once set properly.

Plug the small end of the USB cable into the port on the top of the PSP. Connect the other end to a computer or other device with a powered USB port.

Turn on your PSP. If you've already set up automatic USB connection on your PSP, it will begin charging automatically.

Scroll left to the "Settings" column and scroll down to "System Settings." Press "X" to enter the options.

Scroll down the options to "USB Charge" and press "X." Highlight "On" and press "X" again.

Press "O" to back out of "System Settings" and scroll up to select "USB Connection." Push "X" to start the connection and begin charging.


To automatically charge the PSP whenever you attach a USB cord, enter the "USB Auto Connect" setting in "System Settings," select "On" and press the "X" button.

The PSP must maintain an open USB connection to charge, which it can only do from the system menu. You cannot charge over USB while playing a game.


  • Charging over USB may interfere with connecting to your PSP's Memory Stick over the USB cable. If you can't access the Memory Stick from your computer, try turning "USB Charge" off temporarily.
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