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How to Reset Your Child's Leapster 2

The Leapster2 is an educational hand-held gaming console for children.
electronics image by Goran Bogicevic from Fotolia.com

The Leapster 2 is a hand-held educational video game console for children. Children can interact with the unit through one of several ways, including using the console's built-in buttons as well as a stylus pen. On occasion, the Leapster 2 device may encounter an electronic error. Sometimes the unit will not respond properly, it may freeze or, at other times, the stylus may fail to work. One simple way to troubleshoot these problems is to reset the device.

Remove any software that is loaded into the Leapster 2 device.

Power down the Leapster 2 by pressing the power button. Wait a minute to allow the device to completely power off.

Press the power button to power on the device. While the Leapster 2 is powering on, press the question mark button, also known as the "Hint" button until the main menu appears. This will access the device's control menu.

Press the large "A" button to the right of the screen.

Follow the prompts to reset the device using the stylus.

Power the Leapster 2 off again.

Restart the device to activate.

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