How to Reinstall a PS3 OS

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Things You'll Need

  • AV cables for PS3
  • TV with RCA-style connectors

One popular PS3 trend is to load a Linux operating system on the PS3 and use it as a computer or gaming station for PC-based games. But what if you later decide to play one of your favorite PS3 games? You cannot play PS3 games on a default Linux platform. Use the built-in PS3 factory reset mechanism to format PS3 storage and reinstall the operating system that was originally installed on the PS3 when purchased.

Plug the AV cable connectors into the PS3. Plug the other end of the AV cables into a TV equipped with RCA-style connectors.

Power down the PS3 using the power switch on the back of the PS3 unit. When the LED lights on the front of the PS3 unit are off, power on the PS3 unit using the power switch in the back of the unit.

Press and hold the power button on the front of the PS3 unit while the unit is powering up. When you hear three “beeps,” release the front power button. Step through the initial setup instructions displayed on the screen and then select the “System” menu. Select the “Format” option. Select the “Full Format” option.

Wait 3 1/2 hours for the format to complete. The PS3 unit will reboot into the original PS3 operating system.