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How to Play Double 15 Mexican Train Dominoes

Mexican train is a very fun domino game.
Dominoes image by Nedda from Fotolia.com

Mexican train is a domino game. It’s called Mexican train because this variation has an extra train that is open to all players. Like other versions of train, the object of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all of your dominoes. The game can be played with double-12, double-15 or double-18 domino sets, and is played the same way. Some games come with specially designed markers, but you can substitute coins or another marker.

Shuffle dominoes face down on the playing area. Each player draws his individual dominoes, making sure not to show them to other players. With two to four players draw 15 tiles, five to six players draw 12 tiles and seven or more draw 11 dominoes each. Slide the other dominoes into piles for players to draw from. These are called "bone yards."

Start play. Players must start their own personal train before playing elsewhere. You must play a domino with a 15 on it against the double-15 in the middle of the playing area. If a player can’t play, she must also draw one tile from the bone yard. If she still can't play, she must put a marker on her train. This opens that train up to be played on by other players. The marker is removed when the player plays a domino on her train on a subsequent turn.

Start the Mexican train at any time. The Mexican train must be started with a domino with a 15 on one side. Players play off the opposite side. This train can be started by anyone.

Play a double, and to follow the move, the player must lay down a second domino or draw a tile. If still unable to play after drawing, the player’s train gets a marker. The player’s second domino does not have to be played on the double. However, the double must be played on before any player can play on any other train.

Pass if there are no more dominoes in the bone yard and a player still can’t play; the player puts his marker up and passes.

Continue playing until one player has played all of his dominoes. Players add up the points on their remaining dominoes.

Repeat the next round with double-14 and so on until the double-0 is played in the final round. The low score wins.

Things You'll Need:

  • Domino set up through double-15
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Markers, such as coins


Some people play that when a player is down to his last domino he must say “caboose” or draw a tile from the bone yard.

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