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How to Play Spinner Dominoes

Play Spinner Dominoes

Spinner dominoes is a variation of the traditional game of dominoes. It is played with a special domino set consisting of 66 dominoes, 11 of which are designated "spinners." A designated spinner is a domino with a wild symbol on each side. A wild symbol can represent any number of dots desired by the person who plays it. The object of the game, which is meant for two to eight players, is to have the lowest score.

Wash the dishes. In other words, shuffle the dominoes.

Draw your dominoes. If there are two players, each must draw 14 dominoes. If there are more players, each person must choose 7 dominoes. The remaining dominoes become the "bone yard."

Ask if anyone has the "big nine," otherwise known as the double nine. If no one has big nine, ask who has a domino with two wild symbols. This is the double spinner. One of these dominoes has to be laid down first. If no one has either, the person who shuffled has to go to the bone yard and grab a domino, and then each person counter-clockwise does the same until one of these dominoes is found.

Lay down either a domino with a nine on one side, or a wild domino. Just like traditional dominoes, if a player doesn't have the right bone, he must go to the bone yard and find it. The hand is over when the first player has laid out all of his dominoes. Each player then tallies the dominoes left in his hand, and writes the score on the score pad.

Repeat Steps 1 through 4, substituting the first domino laid out for the next numerically lower number. The second round should start with double eight, and the last round with double one. Once all hands have been played, add the points together to declare the winner.

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