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What Games to Play With Double Twelve Dominos

Play fun double 12 domino games.
Dominoes image by Nedda from Fotolia.com

Dominoes are ancient gaming pieces that can provide hours of fun with many diverse games. Many people are familiar with the double six domino set, which is a set that has a maximum of six spots per each domino half, with the biggest being the double six. However, games can be played with higher sets like the double 12 domino set.

Mexican Train

To play Mexican Train with four players, hand out 15 dominoes to each player. The rest are put in the draw pile. Players draw one domino per turn when they can’t move. Players start by putting down the double 12. The next turn will have the double 11 played first, with the game ending after the double zero. Players attempt to build a “train” by matching numbers on the dominoes with the first domino. On the first turn, players can place as many dominoes as they like. After that, they go one at a time. Players can only play off their own train, which is formed by placing a domino in a different direction on the starting domino. If you can’t play on your turn after drawing, you place a penny on the domino. Players cannot play on another player’s train unless it has a penny. Play continues until a player runs out of dominoes. All other players count the domino dots in their hand. The player with the fewest points wins.

Double Twelve Domino

Many double twelve domino games are redesigned double six domino games. However, “Double Twelve Domino,” as described at GoldToken.com, is a game designed specifically for twelve dominoes. The players win by scoring 100 points. Starting dominoes depends on the number of players. Two players get 23 dominoes; three players receive 16; four players receive 12; five players receive 10; six players receive eight; seven players receive seven; while eight players receive six. The remainder is placed in the draw pile. Players draw here if they can’t make a move, but keep drawing until they make a move. The player with the largest double places it onto the board. The next player must place a domino onto the starting domino by matching the end. Doubles are placed sideways after being placed. You can only have two chains of dominoes during each round, from each side of the starting double. A round is over when a player plays all his dominoes. Players count the points on their dominoes. The winning player receives these points.

Castle Rock Solitaire

Like cards, dominoes can be played alone in games like Castle Rock Solitaire. Start by placing all of the dominoes in the center of the playing field face down. Shuffle them by moving them around the field with your hands. Take three and place them face up in front of you in a row. Look at the dots. If the first and third tiles share a similar number, take out the middle tile. Push the remainder together and draw another tile. Place this tile at the right end of the row. If they don’t, just place a tile at the end of the row. You can remove any tile that is surrounded by a tile to the left and right that share a number. You can’t remove multiple dominoes, just one at a time. If you end up with three dominoes in a row with the same number, you can either remove all three or take only the middle tile. Win by removing all the dominoes from the board.

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