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Fun Games to Play Outside With Kids

An outside scavenger hunt can be fun for kids
Kids in meadow image by Marzanna Syncerz from Fotolia.com

If you want to get your kids off the couch and away from the video games there are fun outside games they can play. Outside games can help them get some exercise and some fresh air. You may even have a good time playing these games with them. Some fun outside games for kids include kick the can, over the roof and scavenger hunt.

Kick the Can

Kick the can is a game that makes hide and seek more exciting for your children. All you need for this game is an aluminum can and a bunch of kids. Place the can in a spacious, flat area somewhere outside. Pick one child to be the seeker. As the seeker closes his eyes and counts to 50, all the other children run to find hiding places.

After counting, the seeker searches for the other children. When he finds someone, the fun truly begins. Both the seeker and the hider race back to the can. If the seeker reaches the can first, he taps the top of the can and calls out the name of the person whom he has captured. If the hider reaches the can first, then he kicks the can. Anytime the can is kicked, any captured children can run and hide once again while the seeker returns the can to its original position. A courageous hider can also run and kick the can at anytime to free his fellow players. If the seeker finds all the kids without the can being kicked, then the first child found is now the seeker.

Over the Roof

In order to play this game, you need a tennis ball and plenty of running space around the outside of your house. Divide the children into two even teams. Place the teams on opposite sides of the house so that they cannot see each other. Give one team the tennis ball to begin the game. The team with the ball yells out “Over the roof!” and one player throws the ball over house. If the opposing team does not catch the ball, then that team returns the ball in the same manner. However, if a team does catch the ball, the game gets exciting.

The team that catches the ball runs to the other side of the house. That team tries to tag and capture members of the other team. When a player is tagged, he becomes a member of the other team. A player is safe if he is able to run to the other side of the house without being tagged. After the teams have switched sides, the ball is thrown over the roof again. The game ends when all the players wind up on the same team. Make sure all the children can throw the ball accurately so that you don’t wind up with a shattered window.

Scavenger Hunt

An outside scavenger hunt is a fun game that gets children thinking and working together. Pick between five to 10 household items and hide them outside. Divide the children into small teams and give them the mission of finding the objects. Make sure the kids understand the boundaries of the game so they don’t wander too far away from your house. Give the kids clues to help them find the objects. For example, if you hide something behind and a tree, you can say, “This clue is a little shady.” The team that finds the most objects wins the scavenger hunt.

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