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Fun Inside Games for 6 People

Can't head outside? Play some games with your small group of friends or family.
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Turning on the television may seem a tempting option for six bored people inside. But if you want to interact with your friends indoors, try playing some games instead. Though you won't get to run around or play physically challenging games, indoor games can let you get to know each other as you use your minds to outwit each other.

Bird, Beast or Fish

Gather the group around a table. Pick one player to play the leader. She points to one player at the table and says either "bird," "beast" or "fish." The player has to quickly come up with an animal that fits into that category. For instance, if the leader said "bird," the player can say anything from "robin" to "seagull." If he does not come up with an animal within 10 seconds, he gets eliminated. The game goes on with the leader randomly picking players who have to give an animal's name. The last player remaining becomes the new leader.

On the Prowl

Hide several bags of candy around the house. Then divide the players into three pairs. Each pair has to pick out an easily distinguishable animal noise they'll use later in the game. Separate the pairs and blindfold one set of partners. When you say "Go," the nonblindfolded partners look for the hidden bags of candy. Once they find one, they call out their animal noises to alert their partners. The blindfolded player is the only one who can pick the bag of candy up. Once the pairs have found all the items, the pair with the most bags wins.

Whom Did You Touch?

Assemble all of the players in one room. Pick one of the players to leave the room and count to 10. While he's gone, the players all rearrange themselves around the room, then turn out the lights. The player then comes in and moves around. The first player he bumps into has to say something like "What do you want?" in a disguised voice. The player then leaves the room so everyone can rearrange themselves again. He returns and guesses whom he bumped into. If he guesses correctly, the player he bumped into becomes the new guesser and the game continues. Otherwise, he continues playing the guesser.

Forbidden Letters

Select three or four letters of the alphabet that the players cannot say. Pick one player to become the questioner. He asks each player a question, one at a time. They have to answer his question without using the forbidden letters. For instance, if he asks what time is it and the players cannot use the letters R, O and U, he can say "twah thitty fa" if it's 2:34. Anyone who mistakenly uses a forbidden letter gets eliminated. The last player standing wins.

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