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Superhero Games for Kids

Being a superhero is a fantasy of many children and can be used as a theme at parties as well as day camps. Playing games is a great way to help kids feel like superheroes, and most of the supplies you need to play the superhero games can be found around the house and at a park.

Superhero Freeze Tag

To play Superhero Freeze Tag, designate a Superhero and the evil Mr. Freeze. The children should run around while the evil Mr. Freeze chases them, trying to tag them. When a child is tagged, he will become frozen. The chosen Superhero will “fly” around the children, hoping to unfreeze them. When the Superhero finds a frozen child, he will tag her on her shoulder to unfreeze her. Then the child can join in the game again. The evil Mr. Freeze and the Superhero can be switched up for each round of the game.

Superhero “Cape" Games

You can create a large superhero cape using a large parachute. Parachutes can be found at most park and recreation departments. If you can’t find a parachute, a large sheet will work. Have the children grab hold of the parachute and sit in a circle. Teach the children how to make tiny waves in the parachute by quickly waving it up and down. Throw in some foam balls to add to the excitement. Next, have two children go underneath the parachute to play the roles of evil sharks. The children outside the circle should continue to sit in a circle with their legs underneath the parachute. One child should be standing outside the parachute circle as the superhero. The evil sharks will crawl under the parachute and grab hold of legs to try to pull a child under the parachute with them. If the superhero sees a child struggling, he will try to pull her away from the shark. If a child gets pulled under, she will become an additional shark. This game can be played multiple times, switching up the sharks and superhero.

Superhero Obstacle Course

To test your superheroes' skills, let them have a go on a Superhero Obstacle Course. To begin, gather several different sets of equipment such as hula hoops, cones and pop-up tunnels. Set up the equipment in various designs to have the children run through. Show the children the way through the obstacle course before they begin. If the children want to add a competitive edge, you can use a stopwatch to time each superhero’s speed.

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