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Christian Concert Ideas

Christian music concerts offer alternatives to secular music and opportunities to evangelize.
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Hosting and staging a Christian music program requires a lot of preparation to ensure a successful event. A program might range from a night of hymn singing in a church to a weekend festival that draws thousands of guests and campers. Experienced organizers of Christian concerts share their ideas by offering tips on what works and what to avoid. Event management specialists also recommend specific steps to guarantee a wholesome spiritual program.


Identify your reasons for hosting a religious musical program before you book talent or rent a hall, youth ministry seminarian Ryan C. Nielsen writes on his Pastor 2 Youth website. Your purpose might be to evangelize to non-Christians or to call upon Christian believers to become more active in their churches. Or you may simply want to offer the public some alternatives to secular music. This objective defines your target audience, which is helpful when you design and distribute marketing materials.


A winning concert depends on the performers. Listen to any musician or band before hiring it for your function. Talk to the performers and ask for their insight into your event's goals and objectives. Contact other organizational leaders who have booked the group. Or recruit talent in your church. Many congregations have a wealth of talented members who can use their skills to glorify God.


Partner with other churches as you promote your concert. Call every parish within 50 miles of your church. Ask pastors for the email addresses of their youth group members and permission to place signs in their buildings, suggests Jeff Roberts & Associates concert promoters. Send email blasts to these young people to encourage them to attend. Invite newspaper and broadcast reporters to interview artists and organizers, to generate interest in your show.


Inspect your location before committing to stage an event there. The parish choir may sound heavenly during worship, but that same space may be unsuitable for a rock band. Make sure adequate power sources, lighting and dressing rooms are available. Most events require three hours of preparation before the concert begins, plus an hour after the show for tearing apart sets, so book plenty of time. Weekend festivals demand overnight accommodations, first aid stations, lighted walkways and lots of restrooms, according to the organizers of Alive in Ohio, an annual Christian music festival.


Invite volunteer counselors to minister to your audience members by distributing Christian literature, suggests the Pastor 2 Youth website. Or seat volunteers at special tables so they are available to speak with anyone who wants to learn more about Christianity. This is especially effective with programs designed to evangelize to community members.

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