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What Are the Duties of Church Choir Officers?

The responsibilities of the officers of a church choir are much like those of officers in any other organization: The officers keep the choir functioning in harmony through organization and communication.


The officers of a church choir serve as liaison between the choir members, the church congregants and the director. Officers meet monthly to discuss the business of the church choir and the ongoing ministry.


Generally, a church choir has the following officers: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, librarian and section leaders. Other officers may include robe attendants, social coordinators, hosts or hostesses and a spiritual development coordinator.


Duties of church choir officers will vary by office. For instance, the president will act as chair at meetings and represent the choir within the larger body of the church. The treasurer will keep track of the choir's finances and the secretary will record minutes of meetings.

Expert Insight

Carey Collins, director of music for the United Methodist Church of the Palm Beaches, states, "The choir officers are an integral part of our music program, without strong leadership from the officers, the program cannot be successful."

Time Frame

Most choir officers serve a term of one year with the exception of vice-president, who may ascend to the position of president.

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