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What to Charge for a Children's Art Class

Teaching art to children can be fun, rewarding and lucrative.
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In today's society, many children do not have the luxury of learning arts and crafts in school. Luckily there are qualified, motivated and dedicated people willing to offer their artistic services to fill that gap. What one should charge for those services depends on several factors.

Factors to Consider

Art classes not only require the aptitude and talent of the instructor, but also supplies and a venue for producing projects. Therefore, the price should reasonably encompass each factor. Suite101.com points out that it is common for instructors to undercharge for art classes. This is possibly due to ignorance of this step. Make sure that each expense, including the time and skill required to teach the class, is considered when setting the cost.

How to Charge

Many art classes charge a registration fee followed by an additional payment(s) for classes. The registration fee could be used to secure initial expenses such as supplies and the venue. The tuition payment can come in several forms, such as per hour, per session, weekly or monthly. Some classes also charge a materials fee in addition to the instructional fee, according to Suite101.com.

What To Charge

After considering all factors and deciding how you would like to charge, it is a good idea to take into consideration the cost of the competition. If there are other children's art classes in your area, it may be helpful to compare your prices and services to the others. Suite101.com says that $5 to $20 per hour is common, adding on a materials fee as needed.

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