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Fun Things to Do When You're Bored and Can't Drive

Seek driving alternatives to reach your goals when driving is out of the question.
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People often rely on having the ability to drive themselves places when they are bored at home. Stripped of the option of hopping into one's vehicle, a person may begin to feel stranded and not know what to do to pass the time. However, there are plenty of ways to have fun even when driving is not a possibility.

Order Food and Watch a Movie

Since you can't drive somewhere to eat, the next best option is to have someone bring food to your doorstep. Pizza joints and Chinese restaurants are traditionally known for their food delivery services but there is a good chance that other types of restaurants deliver in your area if you are not in a pizza or Chinese mood. Websites such as GrubHub.com and OrderInFood.com even allow you to search for restaurants that deliver in your area and place your order online. Once your food arrives, pop in a movie and enjoy a relaxing night of food and entertainment.

Shop Online

The advent of the Internet has made it so that shopping no longer requires that you physically step foot inside a store. Most retailers now offer consumers the option of making purchases in the comfort of their own homes. If a shopping trip is what you had in mind if only you could drive, you may want to consider partaking in an online shopping spree. Many retailers even offer the option of paying a little extra for overnight shipping so that you can see your purchases as early as tomorrow.

Go On a Walk

You may not have access to a vehicle but that does not mean you are completely out of transportation options. Consider embarking on a relaxing stroll around your neighborhood or in your local park. You can go on the walk alone or you can invite a friend along or bring a pet. Not only will you be curing your boredom, your body will appreciate the exercise.

Go on a Train Trip

If the destination you had in mind is too far to reach by walking, consider replacing that road trip you were hoping for with a train trip. Major train companies like Amtrak and MARTA make it easy to locate the train station nearest to you by simply typing your location into their websites. They are generally willing to allow you to bring a bicycle aboard their trains if you would rather ride than walk to your nearest train station. Ordering tickets is also often available online.

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