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How to Optimize the Performance of a PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 is a video game system developed by Sony. The system allows users to play games, surf the Internet, download games and movies, and watch Blu-ray discs. The system supports compatibility with high-definition TVs and also makes use of wireless controllers. Its performance can be optimized in many ways, improving the user experience especially when watching movies or playing games.


Install an HDMI cable. The PlayStation 3 normally comes with RCA audio/video cables to connect the console to a television. You can purchase an HDMI cable from any major electronics store, and it will improve your system's performance. Connect the cable from your PS3 to your television and you can enjoy digital sound and high-definition video resolution.

Go to the desktop screen on your PS3 system. Click on "Console settings" and then click on "Video settings." Click on "Internet Connection" and click on "Allow." By doing this your system will always be connected to the Internet and will download official updates to improve the graphics and performance of your PS3.

Install an external hard drive to your PS3 system. You can purchase an external hard drive at any major electronics retail store. Follow the instruction manual to properly set up the hard drive. Connecting the hard drive to your system will allow you to download more games and updates to improve your PS3's performance. You can install most games to your hard drive, reducing load times and improving frame rate issues.

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