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How to Delete the Network on My PS3

Sony’s PlayStation 3 includes a wireless adapter that allows it to connect to your home wireless network for online play, game downloads and movie rentals. If you’ve changed your network settings via your wireless router, moved to a new network or are simply having trouble connecting, you can delete the network settings. Deleting the network settings allows you to start from scratch to ensure that you haven’t entered in any information incorrectly that may be preventing you from connecting. This process is simple and it only takes a moment to restore the unit to its default settings.

Power on the PS3 and log into your account.

Navigate to the “Settings” menu, then select “System Settings.”

Select “Restore Default Settings” and confirm the action. It will take a moment to restore the settings to their factory defaults. This will erase any network settings that you have configured. Once complete, you are asked to run the initial set up to reconfigure your network settings and adjust other settings.

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