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How to Identify Castleton China Dinnerware

The Shenango China Company, producer of Castleton China dinnerware, was a chinaware manufacturing company between 1902 and1961. The business had some financial problems, causing it to change names a few times during this time period. The company was bought by Anchor Hocking in 1979. Pieces of dinnerware marked with "Castleton China" were produced during from 1948 to 1968. This type of china was known for its modern designs and unique decoration. This dinnerware was very popular during its production phase and remains a classic find for collectors today.

Check to see if your piece of dinnerware has a date code stamped on it. Most china produced by Shenango Pottery Company after 1950 has a date code on it.

Check and see if any of the words "Peter Terris," "Epicure," "IncaWare," or "Interpace" are marked on the piece. These words are some of the common identifiers of dinnerware produced by the Shenango China Company, the producer of Castleton China dinnerware.

Visit your local library and look the marking on your china up in a reference book of porcelain and pottery marks.


Purchase Castleton China dinnerware at antique stores, online collector sites and flea markets.

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