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How to Find the Value of All God's Children Collectibles

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All God's Children collectibles are a series of black porcelain dolls made by Miss Martha Originals. These 5- to 6-inch figurines are hand painted with fine details. There are 37 specially named figurines featuring little girls and boys in various activities as well as retired figurines that are no longer in production. Retired All God's Children figurines will be the most valuable. The easiest way to find out what the figurines are worth worldwide is to join eBay and look into individual selling history.

Go to eBay and sign up, membership is free and sign up is relatively easy. Choose the register link near the eBay logo and fill in your information. You will need to give your email address, create a username and be at least 18 years old. Once you have signed up, you can look into the selling history of a particular All God's Children figurine or the general selling rates.

Choose the Sell link at the top right side of the webpage and in the drop down list click "Sell an Item." In the center of the new page is a box titled "What's It Worth?" Enter the name of the All God's Children figurine or just type in All God's Children figurine. As of November 2010, recent selling prices for All God's Children figurines averaged about $14. Figurines still in production will not garner as much money as retired figurines.

Sell your item. If you choose to sell a figurine, type the name of the figurine followed by All God's Children and in parenthesis write (retired) if it is. You will need at least one color digital or scanned photo of the figurine and will have to describe it in detail for potential buyers. A good idea is to start the bidding low and let the buyers raise the price during your auction time. Once someone wins your item, you must ship it to them promptly to receive good feedback. Feedback is what makes a good eBay seller.

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