How to Sell Original Cabbage Patch Dolls

In 1982, Xavier Roberts began marketing his famous soft sculpture dolls, previously called “Little People,” as Cabbage Patch dolls. According to the Cabbage Patch Kids website, they became the best selling new doll ever to be introduced to the toy market. Original Cabbage Patch dolls are still sought today by collectors around the world. Some original Cabbage Patch dolls are worth thousands.

Find out when your doll was made. All Cabbage Patch dolls should have stamped signature on the left side of their tush by the creator, Xavier Roberts. Most also will have a creation date located near the signature. If the signature is in black with no date, it will be one of the earliest dolls. Later models will have tags with information as well. If your doll has a cloth face instead of a vinyl one, then it was hand-made by the creator and could be worth much more than other Cabbage Patch dolls.

Research your doll’s value. Find a vintage doll store in your area and take your doll (or dolls) to be appraised. Most collectors and sellers are happy to give advice. Another place to find information is a local Cabbage Patch Kids Collectors Club or a doll collector’s expo.

Clean your doll carefully. Remove any lint from hair and clean face carefully with a soft cloth and a non-toxic all-purpose cleaner. Hand-wash the doll's body in warm water with gentle laundry detergent. Ring out water carefully and hang to dry. Do not machine wash dolls you are planning to resell.

List your doll on a website that offers Cabbage Patch Kids exclusively. Be sure to include clear of the doll's body, face, hair, stamp and signature, birth certificate and box if available. An exclusive site will not get as much traffic as a large auction site, but you will reach more people that are educated about Cabbage Patch dolls. Price your doll similar to other dolls on the website.

Offer your dolls to a collector’s shop. Expect to only receive between 25 and 50 percent of the dolls' worth.