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How to Make a Child Model Resume

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A resume is an important part of securing modeling work. A model's resume should be updated regularly to keep it current. Even child models should have a resume indicating the work they've done and other skills gained in the modeling business. In some cases, a child model may not have a lot of experience, which can make building a professional resume difficult. Fortunately, a simple resume for your child is all that will be needed to introduce your child to agents and clients that can help her build a more professional portfolio.

Things You'll Need:

  • Copy Paper
  • 8X10 Photograph

Be truthful. Don't invent modeling jobs to make your child look good. This can hurt her rather than help. It's expected that a child may not have a lot of experience. Include a couple of 8x10 headshots (photos) of your child with the resume. If she has a look the client or agency is after, she'll get a chance. Keep the resume simple, even if there is little or no experience. Simple sections indicated by bold headings and separated with a double space are all you need.

Center your child's name at the top of the resume. Include your email address and phone number centered beneath your child's name. Be sure your name is also included, for contact purposes.

Type your child's vitals left-justified two spaces down from his name. Date of birth, height, weight, hair color and eye color are all you need to include, each typed on a separate line.

Bold the word "Experience" and beneath the heading enter any experience your child has had acting, singing or modeling. This can include school play productions if your child has limited experience. Leave out this section if your child has no experience.

Create a new bold heading that says "Acting and Modeling Objectives." Make a short list of the things your child would like to achieve in this business. These could include film, commercials, catalog modeling, runway modeling, etc.

Create a bold heading that reads "Training" and list any special classes your child has taken regarding modeling, acting or singing. Leave out this section if you child hasn't had any training.

Bold the last heading, "Talents, Skills and Hobbies," and list anything your child is particularly good at that will benefit a career in modeling. Singing, dancing and acting are examples. Include a glossy 8x10 photograph of your child for agents and potential clients to view. This simple resume and a photograph are all that a beginning child model will need to get started.

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