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How to Become a Mouth Model

Companies that sell toothpaste, gum, breath mints, lipstick and mouthwash regularly use mouth models in their print, television and online advertising campaigns. In addition, dentists and orthodontists often use mouth models to advertise their dental services. If you have great teeth and a lovely smile, a career as a mouth model may be in your future.

Whiten your teeth. Mouth models generally sport gleaming white teeth. If your teeth are at all stained from coffee, red wine or age, invest in a teeth-whitening treatment. You can choose from whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes, at-home whitening kits or laser whitening treatments.

Correct any teeth issues. Since mouth models are often selling teeth products, you need to have perfect teeth. If any of your teeth are slightly crooked, see an orthodontist to get them straightened. If the issue is minor, you may be able to treat it with a retainer rather than full braces.

Have photos taken. You'll need photos of your entire face, as well as close-ups of your mouth. While most of your photos should feature wide smiles, take a few photos with a closed mouth. You want to demonstrate every aspect of your mouth.

Compile a list of modeling agents in your area. While some agencies may have agents dedicated to mouth models, many agents handle mouth models as a subset of their general clientele. You can find full listings of agencies at sites such as Modeling Advice and Bob Pardue Photography.

Write a brief cover letter, stating that you are seeking representation as a mouth model. If you are interested in another aspect of modeling in addition to mouth modeling, mention it in your letter. Detail any modeling experience you have, as well as any other unique features about you.

Mail your cover letter and photos to modeling agencies in your area. Most agencies will respond within four to 12 weeks if they are interested in meeting you.

Read modeling and acting trade publications. Such publications regularly feature casting notices. Submit your photos to any mouth-modeling casting notices you see. You can also use online casting services such as Now Casting and BackStage, which let you book work on your own as you try to find an agent.


Be persistent. It can take a while to get starting in the modeling business.


  • Beware of modeling scams. You should never have to pay to be represented by a modeling agency. Agencies take 10 percent of what you make, so they do not charge up-front fees.
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