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How to Create a Clay Model Larynx

Create a larynx

The larynx, which you may know as the "voice box," is an organ that protects the trachea and can be found inside the neck of all mammals. Inside the larynx, the vocal folds can be found. Whether you would like to make a clay model of the larynx for fun or educational purposes, making a larynx model out of clay will provide a hands-on learning tool for children and adults alike.

Create a larynx

Things You'll Need:

  • An Oven
  • Reference Photos
  • Waxed Paper
  • A Package Of Polymer Clay In One Color
  • A Printer

Decide which type of polymer clay you would like to purchase. Polymer clay is durable, easy to harden in the oven without the use of a kiln and can be purchased at your local craft supply store. Clay brands that make polymer clay include Sculpey, Fimo and Premo.

Print out larynx reference photos from your computer. Several larynx reference photos can be found in the "Resources" section below. For the most comprehensive model of the larynx, getting photos of a laryngoscopic view of the larynx from the inside is suggested.

Spread clean waxed paper over a flat work surface. Knead the clay until it is soft and pliable.

Keep your reference photos nearby to refer to. Pinch pieces of clay from your kneaded section and form each piece into a fold of tissue surrounding the larynx.

Put all of your folds of tissue on top or inside of your larynx structure. Try to make the model as detailed and accurate as possible.

When your model is complete, bake the clay in a preheated oven at 275 degrees F for 10 minutes for each ¼-inch thickness of clay. This means if your thickest area is 1 inch thick, you will need to bake your model for 40 minutes.


Do not make the base of your clay model too thick, or the thinner areas will burn.


  • Do not ingest polymer clay. Do not let children use the oven.
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