Girl Scout Group Games and Activities

Use a roll of toilet paper in an icebreaker activity for Girl Scouts.
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The Girl Scouts offers girls ages 5 to 17 a chance to focus on building their confidence, courage and character. Plan games to play at Girl Scout meetings to help the girls build friendships and memories. With a few supplies, some ideas and a creative imagination, you can create games and activities for your Girl Scouts. Awarding the game winners with prizes encourages the girls to put forth their best effort.

Shape Relay Race

Play this game at night or in a room with the lights turned off. Divide the girls into three teams: triangles, squares and circles. With reflective tape, draw a shape on an index card. You need to create one shape for each player on each team; however, make sure each team has the same amount of shapes, which means some girls might have to go more than once. Hide the shapes all over the playing area and mark a starting line. Give the first player on each team a flashlight. When you say “Go,” she must use the flashlight to find one of her team’s shapes. After she finds it, she must bring it back to her team and hand the flashlight to the next teammate who must do the same thing. The first team to find all their team shapes wins the game.

Toilet Paper Icebreaker

For an easy icebreaker activity, tell the girls to sit in a circle. Hand one girl a roll of toilet paper and tell her to take as many squares as she thinks she will need, but do not tell her why. Tell them to keep passing the toilet paper and have the girls take as much as they think they will need. After everyone has at least one sheet, tell the girls they must share an interesting fact about themselves for each toilet paper square they each took.

Going to the Market

Have the girls sit in a circle. The girls must say they are going to the market and name an item they want to buy that begins with the first letter of their first name. For example, the first girl might say, “My name is Brenda and I am going to the market to buy a banana.” The next girl must repeat the item(s) of the girl(s) in front of her and her own. The second girl might say, “My name is Alyssa and I am going to the market to buy an apple and a banana.” If a girl cannot remember all the items in the correct order, she is out of the game. The last girl who can remember the most items correctly wins the game.

Birthday Order

For another quick activity, tell all the girls to line up as fast as they can in order by their birthday. This will help the Girl Scouts learn how to work together and learn each other’s birthdays. For other ideas, have them line up by age, hair length or shoe size.