Cute Ways to Ask Boys to Sadies

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The 1930s first introduced people to Sadie Hawkins dances. Single women had the opportunity to ask single men of the community to a dance. Now these dances have become somewhat of an American tradition. Schools use Sadie Hawkins dances or lunches as fundraisers. With reversed roles, it is hard for a girl to come up with an interesting way to ask a boy to go to the event with her.

Send Notes

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Send the boy a note. Make the note creative, and give him clues as to who you are. Tell him what you will wear at the dance.

Write a poem. You can take a traditional poem, such as “Roses are red,” and change the words around to make it personal to the young man you want to ask. You also can make up a new poem, but make sure to include a lot about the guy in it.


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Give him a small bucket filled with small candies like M&M’s or Skittles. Tape a request on the outside of the bucket, “Go to the dance with me?” Make sure to add a spoon to the bucket, so he can dig to the bottom and find out who asked. Before you put the candy in the bucket, write your name on a piece of paper, and tape it to the bottom. He has to eat or pour out all of the candy before he can find out who is doing the asking.


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It is true that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Bake him a small cake or some cookies. Use frosting to write your name on the top. Don’t forget to add “Sadies?” or whatever the name of your event is to the top of your cake or cookies.


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Make a sign to hang on his locker at school. Do not make it too easy for him, though. Write the message backward. It is easier for you to write the whole message out on a scrap piece of paper and then work backward to write the message for the boy. You can use a big piece of poster board or just a large piece of paper. Just make sure the sign is big enough for him to see it.

Burn a CD

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Burn him a CD with all of his favorite songs on it. At the end of the CD, add the song by Reliant K, “Sadie Hawkins Dance.” Add a personal message asking him to go to the dance with you if you have the recording equipment that can do that.