Winter Craft Project for Second Graders

Snowflakes image by JJAVA from

Second graders can follow directions and work well independently. Preparing winter crafts for this age group is easy. The versatility of the season provides lots of ideas for a winter-themed party or a step-by-step classroom crafting session.


The theme of your activity is a good place to start when planning a seasonal-craft session. Some schools do not allow religious-themed winter activities, so be sure to check the rules beforehand. Snowflakes, snowmen and gifts are themes that relate to all children, no matter what the religious affiliation. If religious activities are permitted, then some ideas might be Santa Claus crafts, Christmas trees, reindeer, Hanukkah and dreidel or menorah art projects.

Winter Party Ideas

For a winter-themed school party, the children should have an easy art project that requires minimal supervision. Folded snowflakes are easy for children in second grade as they only require guidance through folding the paper. The children may cut whatever shapes in their snowflake they like. Paper plate snowmen or Santa faces are also a quick and easy craft which works well with a paint station. Once the children have finished the messy part of the craft, they may move on to decorate it however they want with construction paper, buttons and glue sticks.


Another holiday-themed idea is to use origami to make familiar holiday shapes. Folding a paper dreidel or Christmas tree cardinal can be done as a large group activity with everyone following the same directions.