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Things to Do When You're Bored at Night at Home

Cards can help you pass the time anytime.
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Because most businesses are closed, fighting boredom at night is hard than during the day. This doesn’t mean you have to languish away after dark with nothing to do. You can enjoy a game, discover different planets, or simply get a head start on the upcoming day right from your home.

Fun and Games with Cards

Find a deck of cards and play a game. It doesn’t matter if you’re alone. There are more than 100 variations of Solitaire you can play. Each variety involves sorting the cards by suit, color, numerical value or some kind of combination thereof. Some variations are easy and fitting for beginners. Others are more difficult or employ multiple decks. These versions are appropriate for a late-night challenge. Or instead of actually playing with the cards, try your hand at building a house. Sure it’s a bit childish, but it’s also fun and a surefire way to kill time.


Take a peek outside and enjoy some celestial bodies. Folks that live away from the city lights will be able to make out some constellations with their bare eyes. Light pollution can make things a little more challenging for city-dwellers, but all is not lost. You can still make out star groupings if you know what you’re looking for and have some tools. Do a little research, break out some binoculars, find a comfortable lookout and you’re well on your way to investigating the stars. Get your hands on some stronger gear and you’ll see even more. With the help of a telescope, even those living in the heart of a large metropolis can see distant planets.


Read something that you‘ll enjoy. After years of being forced to study boring books for school and reports for work, you may have forgotten the joy of picking up a book that you want to read. There are options out there for every taste and mood. For some, paperbound candy like a scary novel or a murder mystery will do the trick. Others may want to pick up a biography and learn about the personal life of their favorite celebrity, politician or historical figure.

More Productive Alternatives

Instead of simply killing time, consider tackling chores and other essential tasks. It won’t make for the most enjoyable evening, but checking mundane items off your to-do list can free up time during the day for fun activities. You may feel limited because shops and businesses are closed but you still have options. Try tidying up your home. Just avoid vacuuming if you live in an apartment building or condominium. Another option is to balance your checkbook and pay your bills before you get behind, or retool your resume so you can find a new or better job.

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