Swimming Pool Games for Teens

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During the hot summer months, swimming pools provide a constant source of entertainment for teenagers and their friends. In addition to swimming and diving, teens can enjoy a number of safe aquatic games including races, relays, money dives, hiding and tagging games, competitive jumping games and jousting games with noodles.

Races and Relays

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In "the dolphin race" pool game, players must push a beach ball from one end of a pool to another using only their noses. For large groups, convert this game into a relay race. In the "wet-shirt relay," one player from each team swims to the end of a pool, grabs a shirt, puts it on and returns to the starting line. Taking off the shirt, they hand it to the next player in line, who puts it on. This goes on until the last player on the team has returned to the starting line wearing the shirt.

Tagging Games

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The "bobbing heads" game is a variation of tag in which one player is it. Although this player may not cross to the opposite end where the other players are stationed, he or she may peg them with a ball, making them who know becomes the ball thrower or it. But the players being pegged, can bob sporadically in and out of the water. In the "gator" game, one player stands at the end of a pool while the others gather on the sides. When the first player yells "gator," the rest leap in and try to swim across the pool without being tagged and becoming the new gator

Noodle Games

A teenager jumps off a diving board into the water
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In the "jump-the-noodle" game, players take turns diving off of a diving board over a noodle lying in the water. Someone is stationed in the water beside the noodle, moving it a few inches forward after each jump, making it increasingly difficult to jump over. In the "noodle-jousting game", a group of teens splits into two teams and the players on each team pair up with one player on the shoulders of another. Each pair fights a pair on the other team, attempting to knock the uppermost person into the water. At the end of the game, the team with a pair still standing is the winner.

Collecting Games

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In the "ping-pong scramble" game, players gather in a circle in the center of the pool. Off to the side of the pool stands a row of baskets, one for each player. One player dumps ping-pong balls into the middle of the circle. Each ball bears a different number, and higher numbers are awarded higher points. Players grab the balls and carry them to their baskets. In the "pool-change drop" game, an adult leader drops a certain amount of money in coins in the bottom of the pool and players rush to retrieve as many of the coins as they can.