Rehearsal Dinner Favor Ideas

A rehearsal dinner can take place at a fancy restaurant, at home, or in the backyard.
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Couples have plenty of flexibility in designing their wedding rehearsal dinner. Formal, elegant dinners never go out of style, while fun, casual celebrations are growing in popularity, The Knot says. Give the rehearsal dinner a style different from that of the wedding, making it more casual if the wedding will be very formal, suggest USA Bride. Couples should do what fits them best and hand out dinner favors to suit the occasion.


Rehearsal dinner favors don’t have to be large, expensive gifts. Keep them small and simple by giving out wallet-sized photos of the bride and groom as babies, teenagers, and at their current age. Put the photos inside thank-you cards and place them on the tables.


Create a personalized stationery set with the theme of “love” or “family” as your dinner favor. This sends the message to out-of-town guests that you want to keep in touch, especially if you add a personal note about staying connected. Choose a set that includes writing paper, cards, envelopes, and its own matching box.


Super Weddings suggests giving guests elegant personalized vases as a favor. Monogram them with your initials, add clear stones and flowers, and use them as a centerpiece that guests can take home. If you don’t want to take on the time and expense of monogramming them, use any elegant vase that matches your décor.

Personalized Fortune Cookies

Have your rehearsal dinner catered with Chinese food and use elegant origami creations as centerpieces your guests can take home, suggests The Knot. Add personalized fortune cookies tied in pretty mesh bags or decorative Chinese fans.

Flower Baskets

If you have a casual picnic or backyard party, decorate with lots of flowers. Fill small baskets with artificial wildflowers, winding ivy around the handle, for a pretty country-style dinner favor.

Votive Candle

Votive candles add romantic elegance to a dinner party, according to Super Weddings. They also make wonderful favors. Place each candle in a pretty bag for guests to take home, tucking a message such as “True love burns brightly” inside.


Create small baskets filled with sweet-smelling heart-shaped soaps, as Super Weddings suggests. Put matching potpourri on the bottom of the baskets before placing the soaps inside and tie a ribbon around the top for the finishing touch. To keep it simpler, fill a small mesh bag with the soaps.

Simple Sweets

Cookies and chocolates make great favors for both formal and casual dinners, as most people like sweets. Buy chocolates with personalized wrappers, or fill a little basket or bag with chocolates and other candies. Order cookies that look like wedding cakes or let a friend or relative make them.