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Questions to Write for a Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are a great idea for children of grade school age.
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Writing questions for a treasure hunt is only one part of this fun game for large groups of children. It's a great game that fosters creative thinking and noncompetitive group behavior. Just remember to have fun coming up with clues and then the kids will be enthusiastic, too. Treasure hunts are versatile. You can have a treasure hunt in the classroom, in a park, a backyard or in the home.

Park or Playground Treasure Hunt Questions

Q: Some people might say that I have two legs and a tongue, but I'm made of plastic or steel. What am I?

A: A slide.

Q: I'm full of water, but I don't get wet. What am I?

A: A garden hose.

Q: In the winter, I am "naked," but in the spring, I get a nice green coat. What am I?

A: A tree.

Q: If you put me in your mouth, I will make a whistling noise. What am I?

A: A blade of grass.

Q: I'm small, but I'm pretty and bees like me. What am I?

A: A flower.

Indoors and At Home Treasure Hunt Questions

Q: If you turn me on, I will make noise and show you some things on my screen. What am I?

A: A TV.

Q: Complete this rhyme and you will find me: "I'm a little __ short and stout; here is my handle, here is my spout."

A: A teapot.

Q: I'm with you when you go to bed and while you sleep and sometimes people use me in a "fight." What am I?

A: A pillow.

Q: I'm usually as quiet as can be, but if you set me, I will buzz and ring. What am I?

A: An alarm clock.

Q: Inside I'm black and white, but on the outside I can be many different colors. What am I?

A: A book.

Q: I protect your eyes when in the sun and I fit over your ears. What am I?

A: Sunglasses.

Q: You can put me on your fingers or toes and I come in every color of the rainbow. What am I?

A: Nail polish.

Q: I'm for tea or coffee, but when I'm on a shelf, I'm empty. What am I?

A: A mug.

Q: I go in your mouth, but you can't eat me; I'm soft, but sticky. What am I?

A: Toothpaste.

In the Classroom Treasure Hunt Questions

Q: You can stack me, but please don't stand on me. What am I?

A: A chair.

Q: You can take me home with you, but if you don't bring me to class, you might be in trouble. What am I?

A: Homework.

Q: I'm square, you can write on me, and I'm flat, but you can't take me off the wall. What am I?

A: A chalkboard.

Q: I'm small, but I contain the entire world. What am I?

A: A map or globe.

Q: I make words, but you can't use me to write. What am I?

A: A computer keyboard.

Suggestions for Making Your Own Treasure Hunt Questions

Make your treasure hunt clues fun by making rhymes.

Don't forget that large household objects like furniture can be included; treasure hunts aren't just for small objects like keys.

Make sure that the questions are age appropriate.

Don't make clues for small children about hard-to-reach items.

Never children out of your sight and make sure an adult is on hand to assist young children who need help with reading.

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