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How to Decorate a Bedroom With Rose Petals

A bouquet of flowers is often given on a date, anniversary, birthday or any other romantic holiday. Flowers come in many attractive colors and give off an intoxicating scent. Flowers are also used to decorate romantic occasions such as weddings or honeymoons. Hotels often offer honeymooners a rose petal turn-down service, which involves a member of the staff decorating the honeymooning couple's hotel room with rose petals.

Decorating a Bedroom With Rose Petals

Take a couple handfuls of rose petals and sprinkle them onto the carpet, from the bedroom door to the bed. Make the sprinkling of rose petals about 2 feet wide. Sprinkle petals around the rest of the carpet, but make this path a thicker sprinkling than the rest of the carpet. A thicker sprinkling of rose petals should also be done on the carpet around the bed.

Sprinkle rose petals on the top of the bed, being sure to sprinkle petals on the pillows so that the scent is where you rest your head. Also, form a heart out of rose petals in the center of the bed to add to the romance.

You can sprinkle rose petals leading to a rose petal bubble bath if you have a master suite. A relaxing rose petal bubble bath is a nice romantic gesture to help your significant other relax.


  • You can use regular rose petals instead of freeze dried rose petals, however, if you don't remove the rose petals from the bed before using it, the color of the petals may bleed onto your bedding. The color can also bleed into your carpet if they are walked on enough. Use a vacuum hose to clean up the rose petals so that the vacuum wheels don't cause the petal colors to bleed into your carpet.
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