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How to Prepare for a Romantic Night at Home

Romance can hep save or revive a relationship.
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Setting up a romantic night can have its benefits. It can help save or revive a relationship. Your significant other will appreciate the effort you put into inserting more romance into the relationship. Romance can even lead to a relationship becoming more serious than ever and may strengthen it. Sex can be a reward if your romantic night was a success. With the right information, you can easily increase romance.

Things You'll Need:

  • Candles
  • Essential Oils
  • Aphrodisiacs
  • Aromatherapy Lotions
  • Rose Petals

Add rose petals to set a romantic tone to your home. Rose petals are symbols of romance and lovemaking. You can set them in your bathtub and stairs leading all the way to your bedroom.

Enhance her favorite meal by having dinner in the living room. Pour wine or champagne into each wineglass to relax, then add two candles on the dinner table for lighting and end the dinner with an aphrodisiac, such as chocolate-covered strawberries. Aphrodisiacs could help boost sexual desire.

Share a bubble bath with her. This will give you a chance for more sensual interaction. Mix the bath water with essential oils like rose or jasmine; the scents of some essential oils can positively influence the level of arousal in you partner.

Giver her a full body massage. A massage with aromatherapy lotions will release any tension pertaining to other events like work, or paying bills, and will make her more receptive for more lovemaking later in the night.

Bring her a gift. An ideal gift would be lingerie or something that she will be able to use in a sensual manner. The gift should not take away her attention from the rest of the night, but it should help build upon even more romance.

Watch a romantic comedy with her from your bed. Romantic comedies will lighten up the mood as well with keeping the mood of the evening geared toward romance. After or during the movie feel free to hold her close in an affectionate manner.

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