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How to Decorate a Firehall for a Wedding

Weddings are expensive, and sometimes choosing to have your reception in a firehall is a practical way to afford your big day. While a firehall may not start off as the most attractive wedding reception venue, choosing the right decorations can transform it into the site of your dreams. Focus on the potential the firehall has to be beautiful when developing a plan to decorate it, instead of how it appears in its natural state.

Get rid of fluorescent or other bright lighting in the room, as nothing looks good in it. Place candles or small lamps on tables to create a romantic, cozy feel. Light up focal points of the room, such as the cake table, by placing an uplight or a flood light underneath.

Place a few tall vases around the room to create a striking look. Fill them with fresh flowers or silk flowers, whichever your budget allows. Put these on tables, such as the gift table, where people will not be seated, as this will block their view from others across the table.

Cover the walls with gossamer if they are unsightly. After the walls are covered with gossamer you won’t even remember that you’re in a fire hall. The room will look like a mystical palace.

Hide unsightly seats with chair covers. These come in a wide variety of colors, so choose one that matches your wedding colors. This can really make a difference in transforming a room from tacky to classy.

Decorate any hallways leading into the reception room or to the restrooms. Use potted plants or fake trees to make the entire venue look classy, not just the room that your reception is held in. You want guests to forget that they’re in a firehall for the entire evening, not just when they’re in the reception room.

Rent colored glassware, instead of using traditional clear options. This will add a pop of color to the room, and will make the tables stand out. Your guests will really notice this, since it is something different.

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