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How to Decorate a Catholic Church for a Wedding

Work with parish staff to decorate a Catholic church wedding.
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For those of the Catholic faith, a wedding is an important and sacred event that must be held in the church itself. Catholic couples who are planning a church wedding will have to bear in mind the sacredness of the worship space and restrictions on what you can decorate. Fortunately, many Catholic churches are already beautifully outfitted with stained glass windows, high arched ceilings and Biblical artwork. Add small touches to blend the church space in with your wedding theme.

Things You'll Need:

  • Candelabras
  • Potted Floral Arrangements
  • Floral Wreaths
  • Flower Bouquets

Meet with parish staff to find out what you are allowed to decorate. Many Catholic churches have strict rules about what and how you can decorate the worship area.

Decorate church pew ends with small flower bouquets that match your wedding theme or colors. Avoid using tall flower arrangements that could block the view of the couple at the altar.

Decorate the doors to the church with floral wreaths on each door that also match your wedding colors.

Decorate with candles for an evening wedding. Place elaborate candelabras in the four corners of the worship space for a dramatic effect.

Decorate the alter area with potted floral arrangements if permissible. Some churches allow potted floral arrangements to be brought in to decorate around the altar, while some strictly forbid any altar decor.


Save money by taking advantage of the floral decorations the church may already have in place for a special season, such as Easter or Christmas.

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